Conveniently Hide Damaged Teeth Getting Dental Crowns from Your Dentist

Conveniently Hide Damaged Teeth Getting Dental Crowns from Your Dentist

Have you recently undergone root canal treatment that has left your tooth fragile to breakage or damage? Are you looking to restore a broken tooth with extensive fillings and without sufficient tooth structure? Are your teeth severely worn and susceptible to further damage? All situations make you a suitable candidate for dental crowns near me if you want to protect your natural teeth.

Unlike in the past, you no longer must display your damaged teeth to everyone around you or constantly fear damages to them requiring expensive dental treatments. Instead, you must contact the dentist near me, providing a reliable solution to safeguard the damage by encasing it with dental crowns conveniently.

If you are not aware of what dental crowns are, these are similar to caps that fit over your damaged tooth. Crowns are appropriate to protect, cover, and restore your teeth’s shape when fillings are inadequate to resolve the problem. Materials like metals, porcelain, ceramic, and resin helped make dental crowns appear like your natural teeth. Dental crowns are reliable restorations not requiring any special attention over time besides proper oral hygiene.

Why Must You Consider Dental Crowns?

You use your teeth frequently during the day and even the night. The constant use makes your teeth sustain damages for various reasons. Tooth decay that resulted in root canal treatment, injuries to your tooth, and using your teeth frequently can make them lose their shape and size. Dental crowns are caps shaped like your tooth and suitable for placement over the damaged tooth. The restoration improves the tooth’s shape, strength, size, and appearance. The dental crown encases the entire visible portion of the tooth after being cemented into place by the dentist in oak lawn, IL.

Are Dental Crowns Suitable Merely for Damaged Teeth?

Besides covering damaged teeth, dental crowns can also replace teeth over a dental implant or dental bridges. If you have a tooth severely misshapen or discolored, you can consider dental crowns in oak lawn, IL, for cosmetic reasons. Why you need dental crowns depends entirely on the situation affecting you, and if you prepare yourself to hide your damaged teeth, you find no better option than dental crowns to achieve your goal.

What Kind of Dental Crowns Can You Get?

You have two options when considering dental crowns for your teeth. Firstly you can view traditional dental crowns requiring at least a couple of visits to your dentist spanning three weeks apart. Conventional dental crowns also require you to endure temporary crowns over the teeth until your permanent restoration is returned by the dental laboratory.

Dentistry advances now make available same-day crowns using CEREC technology to provide dental restorations within a couple of hours. You can walk into the Oaklawn dentist’s office and walk out with your teeth restored and appearing as new in a single appointment with CEREC crowns made from ceramic bonded over your damaged teeth.

What Happens When You Schedule Your Appointment to Get Dental Crowns?

Whether you choose traditional dental crowns or same-day dental crowns, the dentist examines your tooth by taking x-rays of the tooth needing the crown and the bone surrounding it. After reviewing the tooth requiring the dental crown, the dentist files the top and sides of the tooth to make space for the dental crown. The procedure is uncomfortable and is likely to make you anxious. However, the dentist ensures you receive local anesthesia during the filing procedure.

After preparing your tooth for the dental crown, the dentist either takes physical impressions for the dental laboratory or digital scans to create your dental crown in the office, depending on the type of procedure you have chosen.

With traditional crowns, you receive a temporary crown over the tooth after preparation. You must care for it for at least three weeks until the dental laboratory returns your permanent restoration. However, if you have chosen same-day crowns, the need for temporary crowns is eliminated because the dentist creates your dental crown in the office and cemented over your damaged tooth immediately.

Unfortunately, if you have chosen traditional crowns, you must revisit the dentist for temporary crown removal and placement of the permanent restoration of the three weeks. As you go through the procedure of getting dental crowns and spending around $ 800-$ 1500, you may wonder how long do dental crowns last?

Dental crowns are reliable restoration for damaged teeth, and so long as you maintain your oral hygiene in excellent condition, you can expect them to last for a decade or more. However, you must ensure you clean your teeth as instructed by the dentist 60453 and not allow plaque buildup to develop under and around the crowned tooth. Take care of the crowned tooth appropriately to enjoy its entire lifespan without fearing the need for replacements.



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