How Long Does One Have to Wait Between Implant and Crown Placement?

How Long Does One Have to Wait Between Implant and Crown Placement?

When dental implants are put in, there is a short healing period between the dental implant procedure and permanent crown placement. This period normally lasts between four to six months. This time is crucial to the success of your dental implants in Oak Lawn.

The amount of time between dental implant surgery and crown placement differs from one person to another. Therefore, depending on each situation and person, it can be longer or shorter. In addition, the amount of healing time after the procedure depends on factors such as overall health, oral health, age, and whether extraction or bone grafting is needed.

What are Dental Implants?

These artificial tooth roots are inserted into your jawbone surgically at the position where the missing tooth was. Dental implants have three parts: abutment, post, and restoration.

The dental implant post is a screw metal rod inserted directly into your jawbone. The post acts as the roots of the new tooth. The entirety of the dental implant post sits below your gum line. The abutment is a small structure that acts as a connector between restoration and post. The abutment sits above your gum line. After a healing period, your dentist near you places the restoration above the abutment. The restoration is the seen part of the dental implant, normally the dental crown.

Implants are the most unique and effective form of tooth replacement. This is because prosthetic teeth effectively replace every part of one’s natural tooth.

Other tooth replacement methods, like dental bridges and dentures, do not utilize your jawbone for support. Because dental implants are the only teeth replacement method that uses the jawbone, your jaw remains healthy and in use.

Keeping your jawbone active helps prevent deterioration of your bone and maintain facial shape and oral health.

Why is There Healing Time Between Implant Procedure and Crown Placement?

In the time between the dental implant procedure and dental crown placement in Oak Lawn, osseointegration must occur. Osseointegration is a process that refers to the healing of the jawbone around the dental implant post. Dental implant posts are made up of titanium. Titanium is a metal used for its unique ability to fuse with your living bone. Until osseointegration occurs, the dental implant post cannot bear the weight and pressure of permanent restoration. However, if proper osseointegration occurs, the implant will be stable enough to support the dental crown.

Osseointegration takes four to six months to complete. At this point, if you have no issues, crown placement can move forward, and you can use your new implants like your natural teeth.

However, some medical conditions can affect the outcome of successful dental implant surgery and crown placement. In addition, health concerns like osteoporosis and diabetes need to be noted before any dental implant procedure can occur.

Some patients might need bone grafting to receive a dental implant. Your family history, age, and oral health determine healing time.

Crown Placement Options

One has two options for crown placement. They can get either the traditional placement or the same-day placement.

Traditional Dental Crown Procedure

During this procedure, the dentist numbs your mouth and places the implant in your jawbone. Then they’ll put an abutment and a temporary crown on top of it. After this, your dentist takes an image of your mouth to send to the dental lab for a crown to be constructed.

You’ll be sent home to heal. During that time, osseointegration takes place. After completing the process, you’ll keep your temporary crown and receive your permanent dental crown near you.

Same-Day Crowns

If you don’t want to wait for months to get a permanent dental crown, you can get same-day with CEREC. CEREC allows your dentist to create a permanent crown in the office. After the dental implant is placed, your dentist takes a digital impression of your mouth. Then, they send the 3-D model to a computer where the dentist designs your crown.

The dentist sends the design to a milling machine that helps craft the crown out of dental ceramic. The process takes 15 minutes to complete. Once the dental crown is completed, your dentist places it on the abutment.

Your dentist 60453 in Forrest Tower DDS checks your crown’s fit and sends you home to heal.

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