Incredible Benefits Of Invisalign: Why Choose These Clear Dental Aligners?

Incredible Benefits Of Invisalign: Why Choose These Clear Dental Aligners?

Understanding Invisalign: What Is It?

Invisalign is a brand for orthodontic treatment and/or apparatus which aims to adjust your ivories for a more beautiful smile. They are transparent in form, and are commonly referred to as “clear aligners”. These aligners, much like their name, are worn for the purpose of aligning crooked teeth. In other instances, they improve patients’ bites as well.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Unlike traditional orthodontic devices, Invisalign in Oak Lawn, IL will not be bonded onto teeth. The moulds will be periodically changed in order to complete a successive treatment for tooth alignment.

This means that said moulds will be replaced every now and then, and according to your Forrest Tower DDS’s recommendation. Every tray shall be different from the one before, in order to further a patient’s treatment in a steady and consistent way.

Benefits Of Invisalign

    • Comfortable And Gradual Tooth-Adjusting

Re-echoing what we have briefly stated above, the very purpose and function of Invisalign trays are to provide patients with tooth alignment correction in a non-drastic way. This gradual tooth-shifting entails a comfortable process towards achieving good dental alignment.

This is not to say that an Invisalign treatment will be free of any and all kinds of dental discomfort. Note that its mechanism is, as with other operations for orthodontics, to move your teeth along your gum line.

That being said, it will be to a level that is highly tolerable. The most which you will feel around your gums is a “pushing” or “tugging” pressure, especially in the first few days to weeks of switching to a new set of aligners.

    • Customizable Treatment

Another amazing benefit to Invisalign near you is that each device and each treatment is completely customizable per patients’ current dental conditions. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to aligner trays. Hence, this dental restoration option’s rate of efficiency ranks high on the scales.

Customization does not stop during your first fitting for your first tray. Whenever you complete a portion of the treatment and are about to have your current aligners replaced with a new one, the same will be observed. Your dentist near you will tailor each tray according to your teeth’s position at readjustment and tray-replacement appointments, up until the last leg of your treatment.

    • Transparent And Near-Invisible

Here is a feature that is distinct to these aligner trays— they are transparent and are near-invisible in structure. If you are conscious about wearing orthodontic appliances, this is definitely the ideal apparatus for you.

Once you have them on, they will not appear too noticeable unless closely and conscientiously followed.

    • Oral Cavity Health And Maintenance

Studies show that on the subject of Invisalign vs braces, braces tend to entail very meticulous cleaning and maintenance. These, along with similar fixed orthodontic appliances accumulate food particles that turn into plaque and tartar, when not addressed immediately.

This is among the reasons why a large number of patients who wear braces incur cavities or at most, weakened teeth. With Invisalign, your dentist in Oak Lawn, IL will have you rest assured that with proper oral hygiene, you can avoid these dental problems.

Since clear aligners do not necessitate bonding on teeth and are removable, you can brush and floss your pearly whites the way you would sans any dental appliance. It is a step towards.

    • Removable And Easy To Clean

As mentioned above, Invisalign can be removed and put back on at your convenience. Of course, you will still have to refer to the protocol of wearing them for at least 22 hours a day. The duration is based on studies that show the trays’ potential for peak efficiency, on average.

Its removable make implies brushing and maintenance ease. Brush them as often as you would your teeth. Twice a day is the “minimum”. Having said that, you can avail of the Invisalign cleaning system, or ask your dentist 60453 about a similar product.

Said product contains cleaning crystals that, once dissolved in water, can be utilized to soak your transparent trays in. They can keep your aligners crystal clear compared to simply brushing them with regular toothpaste.

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