Endodontics in Oak Lawn, IL

Endodontics in Oak Lawn, IL

Many patients have not heard of the term endodontist near me. However, for patients who develop severe and/or persistent tooth pain, endodontics in Oak Lawn, IL may be the solution for alleviating a serious oral health issue. If you are feeling pain or pressure in a tooth that will not let up, it’s important to contact Forrest Tower DDS for an appointment with our dentist near you as soon as possible.

Tooth Tissues

Each tooth in the mouth is made up of three layers of hard tissue that protect an internal layer of soft tissue. This soft tissue at the center of a tooth is called pulp, and it is quite vulnerable due to its proximity to the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues surrounding the roots of the tooth.

The protective hard tissue layers that surround the tooth’s pulp are strong but not indestructible. In fact, tooth decay in the form of plaque or tartar results in bacteria that erodes a tooth’s surface layers, forming cavities. Cavities grow progressively worse without proper treatment by Dr. Tower, until the decay potentially reaches the tooth’s pulp. In addition, a tooth’s hard tissues can be damaged through injury to the mouth, tooth fracture, or bruxism (grinding of teeth).

Endodontic Treatment

If the protective hard tissues of a tooth are harmed in any way, bacteria can reach the tooth’s center. This increases a patient’s risk of inflammation and infection, often causing severe pain and pressure in the tooth and surrounding area in the mouth. Endodontic treatment with our dentist in Oak Lawn, IL is necessary for alleviating discomfort and returning the tooth to health.

Most dental issues that involve the soft pulp tissue require endodontic restoration in the form of root canal therapy. Endodontic procedures allow our dentist 60453 to preserve teeth that have suffered severe damage at the pulp and root level. Without proper endodontic treatment, these decayed, infected, or injured teeth may otherwise require extraction.

Restoring health to a tooth damaged at the pulp or root level prevents the need for extraction and preserves the patient’s oral health. For more information about endodontics near you with Dr. Tower, contact Forrest Tower DDS.

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