Children’s Dentistry in Oak Lawn, IL

Children’s Dentistry in Oak Lawn, IL

Has your child had a dental check-up within the past six months? If not, it’s time to consider making an appointment. Children’s teeth are vulnerable to decay, injury, and other dental issues which can result in oral health problems for their future. Since many pediatric dental issues can be prevented with professional care and proper at-home oral hygiene habits, it’s important to commit to regular visits with our dental care team. At Forrest Tower DDS, we provide quality children’s dentistry near you.

When Should My Child Start Seeing the Dentist?

Most experts agree that it’s never too early for children to start seeing the dentist—particularly once their primary, or baby, teeth have begun to emerge from the gums. These early visits allow our dentist near me to monitor your child’s oral health and address any issues with immediate treatment. In addition, committing to regular examinations and routine professional cleanings at an early age helps your child to feel comfortable receiving dental care with Dr. Tower.

Some parents are under the misapprehension that, since children eventually lose them, primary teeth are not important when it comes to overall dental health. In fact, the health of a child’s primary teeth is essential to their future oral health. Healthy primary teeth and gum tissue allow for the emergence of healthy permanent teeth. Therefore, it’s important for parents to understand that routine dental care is essential even before a child’s permanent teeth begin to show.

Future Investment

Establishing a positive relationship between your child, our dentist in Oak Lawn, IL, and proper dental care is an investment in your child’s future. Most oral health problems do not resolve on their own or with time, and many can be prevented from occurring in the first place. Dr. Tower can ensure that your child maintains healthy teeth and gums to avoid more time-consuming, expensive, and invasive dental treatments in the future. In addition, prioritizing the dental care of your child will lead them to responsible oral hygiene habits and long-term oral health.

For more information about children’s dentistry in Oak Lawn, IL, contact Forrest Tower DDS. We look forward to providing excellent dental care to your family!

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