Top 3 Cosmetic Dental Treatments to Improved Smile Aesthetics

Top 3 Cosmetic Dental Treatments to Improved Smile Aesthetics

February 8, 2017

By Forrest Tower, D.D.S. February 8, 2017

Aesthetics are an important factor in modern dentistry practices. A healthy smile nowadays consists of more than restorative care. Dentists have always provided the necessary treatment to care for oral health problems, and more and more dental offices are adding cosmetic treatments to their list of procedures for complete function and aesthetic treatment. There has been a dramatic increase in patient demand for aesthetic improvements over the last few decades, and the dental industry has kept up with continued technological advancements.

Cost is always a factor in any type of cosmetic change. With all of the changes in dental advancements, patients have a large selection of affordable procedures to choose from. Dentists in Oak Lawn provide an initial consultation to discuss options and desired results. It is a good time to discuss insurance coverage, and office payment plans to help with procedure cost. It is important to select an affordable treatment that will procure the best results considering the current dental condition.

3 Popular Cosmetic Dental Treatment Options

Whitening Treatments: One of the more popular treatments is teeth whitening near me. The improved aesthetic look will make a difference in both personal and professional relations. A whiter, brighter smile boosts self-confidence. There are several types of treatment available. Ask your dentist about which treatment would work best for your desired results and fit into your budget. You may opt for an in-office treatment, one that you can take home, or a combination of both for the most long-term results.

Veneers: This treatment is when there are more concerns to address rather than just color. Veneers are custom-designed ‘covers’ for the teeth that are visible in a natural smile. They are created to help cover up large gaps in between teeth, hide chipped or broken teeth, and cover-up small alignment problems. It’s a step above a whitening process and can truly help a person who is embarrassed to smile in public.

Invisalign®: These clear aligners will actually correct alignment troubles rather than try to cover them up. The clear aligners will gently move the teeth into the optimal position without the pain and discomfort associated with typical metal braces. The clear aligners are favored for their comfort and removability. No limited diet during this treatment!

Find the best cosmetic treatment to fix aesthetic concerns. As a whole, cosmetic procedures are basically painless, require very little office time, and are more affordable than they sound. Talk to your dental provider to find out more about the best cosmetic treatment for your personal situation.

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