Dental fillings: Restorative treatment to repair cavities or damaged teeth. Materials include amalgam or composite resin. Enhance oral health today.

What Steps Are Involved in dental Fillings?

Dental filling process: Examination, numbing, decay removal, cavity preparation, filling placement, shaping, and polishing. Quick, effective restoration for healthier teeth.

What Types of  dental Fillings Are Available?

Amalgam: Durable metal alloy Composite: Tooth-colored for aesthetics Porcelain: Aesthetic appeal Glass Ionomer: Versatile, with fluoride release – Tailored choices for effective cavity restoration. Consult with your dentist for recommendations.

Advantages of dental Fillings

Dental fillings provide cavity repair, restore tooth function, prevent decay progression, and enhance oral health. Swift, effective, and lasting solutions.

Potential disadvantages of dental fillings include sensitivity, eventual wear, and replacement needs. Regular check-ups help monitor and address any concerns.